Guiding Principles

All RMS employees are expected to be well versed, demonstrate an ongoing commitment to and integrate these principles, values and standards, into their interactions within the residential programs.


All people within the RMS community hold inherent value, and should at no time be diminished through action or inaction. Within that, we commit ourselves to holding sacred the value of respecting others.


Understanding that humans are social and relational beings, the creation and sustainability of meaningful relationships is central to cultivating the sense of personal value within individuals. This shall remain a primary focus of all efforts and interactions within our service delivery.


RMS recognizes and maintains a steadfast commitment to preserving and upholding the rights of all individuals and providing ongoing education regarding the responsibilities associated with those rights.

PERSONAL BELIEFS, CULTURE & DIVERSITY All individuals have dreams, cultures and personal beliefs that should be honored, nurtured and respected. These should be the foundation upon which all formalized service plans are developed, and integrated into all aspects of day to day life.


All individuals have competencies and skills that should be celebrated, fostered and enhanced through daily experiences. At no time should individuals’ competencies or choices be diminished or dismissed.


RMS is committed to supporting individuals in the pursuit of ideals that are important to them. Before acting on personal interests, individuals will be encouraged to achieve a balance between the freedom to pursue what they value, freedom of risk, protection from harm, and consideration of others.