R.M.S., Inc. supports over 250 people, providing community residential support, individualized home supports, and day supports in the community.

The agency operates Community Living Arrangements, sometimes referred to as CLA’s, which provide comprehensive supports to individuals based on their own unique abilities, needs and desires.  Homes are in safe, attractive neighborhoods and reflect the personalities and preferences of those who live in them, both in regard to the décor and the social atmosphere.  Thoroughly trained Residential Program Instructors implement services as directed by the Individual Plan, with a strong focus on independence, respect, and the individuals’ self-identified hopes and dreams.

R.M.S., Inc. provides Individualized Day Supports to several individuals. This allows them to focus on meaningful social, leisure, community, or work-related skills and abilities on a personalized and individual basis.

R.M.S., Inc. also supports individuals residing in their own apartments through Individualized Home Supports.  Assistance is given in areas identified in their Individual Plan, enhancing individuals’ ability to be valued members of their community.  Individuals are empowered to direct their own daily lives with education and personal support activities provided by trained Residential Program Instructors and a management team that is accessible 24 hours a day.

R.M.S., Inc. provides multiple levels of management with 24-hour availability to support staff, as needed, in navigating any challenges and unexpected issues that arise.  Nurse consultants provide oversight of the medical supports to each individual, ensuring that appointments are maintained and health needs are met.  They also provide training and education to staff, delegating medication administration responsibilities and other health monitoring.  In addition, on-call nursing is available 24-hours per day to provide direction regarding any changes in condition or medication issues.  For those in need of behavioral support, R.M.S., Inc. employs Master’s Level Behavior Specialists who function as part of the team, develop and monitor Positive Behavior Support Plans, and provide training and support to Managers, Assistant Managers, and Residential Program Instructors.     Experienced Program Specialists facilitate team process, ensuring that Individual Plans are meaningful and reflect the needs, values and preferences of the person, while adhering to DDS and other relevant regulations.

R.M.S.,Inc. has a business office which supports the programs.  The business office coordinates entitlements for the individuals and provides auditing of personal funds to ensure the safety of people’s financial resources.

R.M.S., Inc. supports a team approach to supporting individuals, benefiting from the unique perspective and expertise that each member brings to the table.  Through this cooperative approach, creativity, and flexibility, people are afforded the tools, education and encouragement to reach their personal goals.