Who We Are

Residential Management Services (RMS) is a private, non-profit organization that was founded in 1982 to provide residential supports to individuals with developmental disabilities.



RMS is committed to providing opportunities which foster self-actualization by creating a holistic environment that utilizes and values every person’s strengths and diversities. Through this environment, RMS affirms and supports every person’s freedom to be creative and the right to take risks. We seek to promote a proactive approach to meet the challenges of living in today’s community, while preparing for tomorrow’s world.

As an integral part of each individual’s support network we will focus our efforts on each person living as independently as possible, recognizing and affirming their choices and beliefs.

Therefore people will continue to develop confidence and self esteem, leading to dignity and fulfillment in life.

RMS supports the mission of the Department of Developmental Services with its emphasis on presence and participation in the community, opportunities to exercise competence, make choices, enjoy relationships, and be treated with respect and dignity.